Major Changes to Proposed 878-898 (888) West Broadway Redevelopment

Major Changes Proposed to West Broadway Redevelopment Image

Originally rezoned in January of 2020 by ChungHwa and subsequently sold to Bosa Properties in Q4 of 2021, a new application has been submitted seeking to change the design and use of the future development. Instead of the original plan to build 438 hotel rooms, the new concept will replace one of the two towers with offices and greatly expand the retail and service component. This change is in response to the strong demand for rental office space along Broadway, especially adjacent to transit stations.

The new project will feature 110,000 SF of hotel uses (156 rooms), 149,000 SF of office uses and 21,000 SF of retail uses. Furthermore, there is a reduction in the number of floors from 13 & 11 storeys down to 10 storeys for both towers.

The new project will bring much needed jobs, retail, services and a hotel just steps from the planned Laurel Street Broadway Line Station. 

878-898 (888) West Broadway Rezoning


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