Hotel Rezoning for 901 West Broadway Approved Unanimously

Vancouver Broadway Plan

The rezoning application for a new 147 room hotel across the street from the future Laurel Street/VGH Broadway Line Station. This follows another successful hotel rezoning across the street at 888 West Broadway (currently the Park Inn and Suites). Together these 2 projects will add to the much needed hotel room supply in the Broadway Corridor as well as to the many families of VGH patients.

The approved project achieved the following:

-147 hotel rooms
-Restaurant space at grade
-A floor space ratio (FSR) of 7.95
-A gross floor area of 8,628.43 sq. m (92,875.65 sq. ft.)
-A building height of 40.5 m (133 ft.)
-62 vehicle parking spaces and 18 bicycle parking spaces

While this rezoning application was proposed under the Metro Core Jobs and Economy Land Use Plan, it largely follows the criteria for the Uptown/Cambie Broadway Plan sub-area, which allows for commercial uses (including hotel) at heights under the view cone and under the VGH Helicopter path.

Overall, this is excellent news for other Broadway Plan sites in the area. With unanimous support, this shows that the current Mayor and Council are actively in support of job space and increased economic activity. 

Link to the rezoning application below: